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Genre: Action (1988)
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Dangerous Dave

Play Dangerous Dave: Classic DOS Platformer Adventure Online.

Step back in time and experience the iconic DOS platformer adventure in Dangerous Dave. Now you can play Dangerous Dave online and join Dave on his thrilling quest filled with perilous levels, valuable treasures, and challenging obstacles. Get ready to embark on a nostalgic adventure right from your web browser.

Play Dangerous Dave Online

No need to dig up old hardware or software – play Dangerous Dave online effortlessly. Our user-friendly platform allows you to access and enjoy this classic game directly from your browser. Visit our website, select Dangerous Dave from our game library, and get ready to dive into the thrilling adventure.

Navigate Perilous Levels and Overcome Challenges

Dangerous Dave takes you through a series of perilous levels, each filled with treacherous traps and enemies. As Dave, you must navigate through the platforming landscape, jump over gaps, avoid hazards, and defeat enemies using your quick reflexes and precise timing. Overcome the challenges that await you and progress through each level.

Collect Treasures and Power-ups

In your quest, collect valuable treasures scattered throughout the levels. These treasures not only add to your score but also unlock bonus content and power-ups. Discover hidden secrets and special items that can enhance your abilities, granting you an edge in your dangerous adventure.

Face Dangerous Enemies and Bosses

Dangerous Dave is not alone in his adventure. He must face a variety of dangerous enemies and challenging bosses that will test his skills. Strategize your approach, find their weaknesses, and defeat them to progress further in the game. Show them that Dave is a force to be reckoned with!

Enjoy Classic Graphics and Sound

Relish the charm of the classic graphics and sound of Dangerous Dave. The pixelated visuals and memorable sound effects transport you back to the golden age of DOS gaming, creating a nostalgic atmosphere that enhances your gaming experience.

Embrace the Nostalgia of DOS Gaming

Dangerous Dave is a testament to the nostalgic appeal of DOS gaming. Whether you played it back in the day or discovering it for the first time, this classic platformer adventure will immerse you in the magic of retro gaming. Relive the nostalgia, challenge yourself, and indulge in the simplicity and fun of Dangerous Dave.


Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure with Dangerous Dave. Play Dangerous Dave online and navigate through perilous levels, collect treasures, and overcome challenging obstacles. Join Dave in his quest for adventure and indulge in the nostalgia of classic DOS gaming. Prepare to experience the excitement and simplicity of this timeless platformer adventure.

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Dangerous Dave Cheat Codes

Unfortunately, no cheat codes have been discovered for Dangerous Dave.

Dangerous Dave Keyboard Controls

This is how to play Dangerous Dave:

  • Arrow keys - Move Dangerous Dave left, right, up, or down.
  • Spacebar - Jump to avoid obstacles and enemies.
  • Ctrl - Pick up or drop objects.
  • Alt - Shoot or use selected weapon.
  • Esc - Pause the game or access the menu.

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