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Genre: Arcade (1996)
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Death Rally

Enter the Deadly Race

Experience the high-octane action of Death Rally, the intense DOS racing game. Strap yourself in and compete in deadly races against ruthless opponents. Push your limits, master the tracks, and strive to be the first across the finish line.

Upgrade and Customize Your Vehicle

As you earn rewards and winnings, use them to upgrade and customize your vehicle. Enhance your engine, improve handling, and equip deadly weapons to gain an edge over your competitors. Create the ultimate racing machine that will leave your opponents in the dust.

Annihilate Your Opponents

Death Rally is not just about racing; it's about survival. Use your weapons strategically to take down your opponents and clear your path to victory. Eliminate rival racers with rockets, mines, and other deadly arsenal. Show no mercy as you leave a trail of destruction behind.

Play Death Rally Online

Experience the thrill of Death Rally anytime, anywhere. Play Death Rally online and challenge racers from around the world. Compete in multiplayer races, test your skills in various game modes, and prove that you're the ultimate champion. No downloads or installations required – simply load the game in your browser and get ready for a heart-pounding racing experience.


Death Rally Cheat Codes

Unfortunately, no cheat codes have been discovered for Death Rally.

Death Rally Keyboard Controls

This is how to play Death Rally:

  • Arrow keys - Steer your vehicle.
  • Ctrl - Accelerate.
  • Spacebar - Use weapons to eliminate opponents.
  • Shift - Brake or reverse.
  • Tab - Change camera view.
  • R - Repair your vehicle in the pit.
  • X - Activate nitro boost.

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