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Genre: Action (1993)
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Duke Nukem 2

Welcome to Duke Nukem 2, the classic DOS game now available to play online for free. Join Duke Nukem, the badass action hero, in his mission to save the world from the evil Rigelatins.

How to Play Duke Nukem 2

Duke Nukem 2 is a side-scrolling platform game where you control Duke Nukem as he battles against the Rigelatins and their henchmen. Traverse through diverse levels, jump over obstacles, shoot enemies, and collect power-ups to enhance your abilities.

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move, the 'A' key to jump, and the 'S' key to shoot. Explore hidden areas, avoid traps, and defeat enemies using an array of powerful weapons. Rescue hostages, collect bonus items, and navigate through challenging environments to ultimately save the world from the alien invasion.

Play Duke Nukem 2 Online

Experience the thrilling platforming and shooting action of Duke Nukem 2 directly in your browser. No downloads or installations required. Just click the play button below to start your heroic adventure instantly.

Embrace the Action

Duke Nukem 2 offers an exhilarating and action-packed gaming experience. Embrace the role of Duke Nukem, unleash powerful weapons, defeat enemies, and save the world from the clutches of the Rigelatins.

Rediscover a Gaming Classic

If you have fond memories of playing DOS games, Duke Nukem 2 will transport you back to the era of iconic platform shooters. Relive the excitement of Duke Nukem's adventures and experience the timeless appeal of this beloved action game.

Start Playing Duke Nukem 2 Now

Click the play button above and join Duke Nukem on his mission to save the world. Play Duke Nukem 2 online for free and challenge yourself to defeat enemies, collect power-ups, and become the ultimate action hero.

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Duke Nukem 2 Cheat Codes

Unfortunately, no cheat codes have been discovered for Duke Nukem 2.

Duke Nukem 2 Keyboard Controls

This is how to play Duke Nukem 2:

  • Arrow keys - Move Duke Nukem.
  • Ctrl - Jump.
  • Spacebar - Shoot.
  • Shift - Toggle weapon.
  • Esc - Pause the game or quit to the menu.

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