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Genre: Strategy (1994)
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Jagged Alliance

Lead a Team of Mercenaries

Experience the tactical warfare of Jagged Alliance, the classic DOS game. Play Jagged Alliance online and lead a team of skilled mercenaries on a mission to liberate a troubled nation. As the commander, recruit and manage a diverse roster of fighters with unique abilities, personalities, and backstories. Formulate the perfect team and unleash their combined strengths in combat.

Engage in Strategic Battles

Prepare for intense battles where strategy and decision-making are key. Navigate challenging terrains, plan tactical approaches, and coordinate your team's actions to outmaneuver and defeat your enemies. Use cover, exploit enemy weaknesses, and leverage your mercenaries' specialized skills to gain the upper hand in every engagement.

Recruit Allies and Build Alliances

You don't have to face the challenges alone. Forge alliances with rebel forces, gain support from local populations, and enlist the aid of other factions. Build relationships, negotiate agreements, and rally allies to your cause. Strengthen your position and increase your chances of success as you work towards your mission's objectives.

Outwit Enemies and Overcome Challenges

Be prepared to face cunning adversaries who will test your strategic thinking and adaptability. Encounter rival mercenaries, ruthless dictators, and well-equipped armies standing in your way. Outsmart your enemies, uncover their weaknesses, and devise effective strategies to overcome the numerous challenges that lie ahead.

Immerse Yourself in a Challenging Game

Jagged Alliance offers an immersive and challenging gameplay experience. Engage with a rich storyline, make impactful decisions, and experience the consequences of your actions. Navigate dynamic environments, manage resources, and tackle complex missions that require both tactical finesse and careful planning.

Play Jagged Alliance Online

Play Jagged Alliance online and rediscover the excitement of this iconic DOS game. No need for downloads or emulators. Simply open your web browser, visit the Jagged Alliance game page, and command your mercenaries to victory. Unleash your strategic prowess and lead your team to triumph in this timeless tactical warfare adventure.

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Jagged Alliance Cheat Codes

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Jagged Alliance Keyboard Controls

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