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Genre: Arcade (1990)
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North & South

Choose Your Side

Step into the shoes of a Union or Confederate general in North & South, an iconic strategy game for DOS. Take command of your army, strategize your moves, and engage in epic battles across historically inspired battlefields.

Conquer Territories

Expand your influence by capturing territories and fortresses. Utilize your resources wisely, reinforce your positions, and outmaneuver your opponents. Control key locations to gain strategic advantages and pave your way to victory.

Lead Your Army

As a skilled tactician, you must make crucial decisions on the battlefield. Manage your troops, deploy units strategically, and unleash devastating attacks. Whether it's cavalry charges, artillery bombardments, or infantry assaults, your command will determine the outcome of the war.

Play North & South Online

Experience the thrill of North & South right from your web browser. With online emulation, you can relive this classic strategy game without the need for extra software. Gather your forces, plan your strategies, and compete against friends or AI opponents in multiplayer or single-player modes.

Embrace Nostalgia

North & South holds a special place in the hearts of strategy game enthusiasts. Its charming pixel art, engaging gameplay, and historical context make it a true gem of the DOS era. So, grab your musket, sound the bugle, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of North & South.


North & South Cheat Codes

Unfortunately, no cheat codes have been discovered for North & South.

North & South Keyboard Controls

This is how to play North & South:

  • Arrow keys - Navigate menus and select options.
  • Spacebar - Confirm selections and perform actions.
  • Enter - End turn and progress in the game.
  • Ctrl - Control the movement of your troops.
  • Shift - Shoot projectiles or attack enemies.
  • Esc - Pause the game or access the menu.

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