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Genre: Sport (1990)
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Welcome to Offroad, the classic DOS game now available to play online for free. Experience the thrill of offroad racing and navigate challenging terrains in this retro driving game.

How to Play Offroad

Offroad is an exhilarating racing game where you take control of a rugged offroad vehicle and compete in adrenaline-pumping races. Your goal is to navigate through rough terrains, overcome obstacles, and reach the finish line in the shortest time possible.

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to accelerate, brake, and steer your vehicle. Adjust your driving technique to the challenging landscape, including hills, mud, and rocky surfaces. Collect power-ups and unlock new vehicles as you progress through the game.

Play Offroad Online

Experience the excitement of Offroad directly in your browser. No downloads or installations required. Just click the play button below to start your offroad adventure instantly.

Thrilling Offroad Racing

Offroad brings back the thrill of rough and rugged racing with its challenging tracks and intense gameplay. Push your skills to the limit as you conquer the offroad tracks and compete against other drivers in this exciting driving adventure.

Rediscover Classic Racing

If you have fond memories of playing DOS games, Offroad will transport you back to the era of classic racing games. Experience the joy of maneuvering through challenging terrains and emerge victorious in this retro gaming gem.

Start Playing Offroad Now

Click the play button above and embark on an unforgettable offroad racing experience. Play Offroad online for free and test your driving skills on demanding tracks. Are you ready to conquer the offroad and become a champion?


Offroad Cheat Codes

Unfortunately, no cheat codes have been discovered for Offroad.

Offroad Keyboard Controls

This is how to play Offroad:

Unfortunately, no keyboard control have been discovered for Offroad.

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