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Genre: Action (1992)
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The Oregon Trail

Embark on a Historic Journey

Step into the shoes of a pioneer and experience the challenges and adventures of the Oregon Trail. This iconic educational game, originally released for DOS, allows you to relive the journey taken by thousands of pioneers in the 19th century.

Learn About Pioneer Life

Immerse yourself in the rich historical setting of the Oregon Trail. Make strategic decisions about supplies, manage resources, and navigate treacherous terrain. Encounter various obstacles, such as river crossings, illnesses, and unpredictable weather, as you strive to reach your destination.

Experience the Challenges of the Frontier

Hunt for food, trade with Native American tribes, and overcome the hazards of the wilderness. Your choices and actions will impact the success of your journey and the fate of your group. Will you make it to the Oregon Territory?

Educational and Entertaining

The Oregon Trail seamlessly combines education and entertainment, providing insights into history, geography, and decision-making. Learn about pioneer life, experience the thrill of exploration, and appreciate the hardships faced by those who paved the way to the West.


  • Historically accurate depiction of the Oregon Trail
  • Strategic decision-making and resource management
  • Interactive learning experience
  • Immersive frontier setting
  • Challenging obstacles and unpredictable events
  • Play online without the need for emulators or downloads

How to Play:

  1. Make decisions at key points in the journey
  2. Manage resources, such as food, water, and medicine
  3. Hunt for food to sustain your group
  4. Navigate river crossings and other obstacles


The Oregon Trail Cheat Codes

Unfortunately, no cheat codes have been discovered for The Oregon Trail.

The Oregon Trail Keyboard Controls

This is how to play The Oregon Trail:

  • Arrow keys - Navigate menus and make choices.
  • Spacebar - Select options and interact with the game.
  • Enter - Confirm selections and progress through the game.
  • Esc - Pause the game or access the menu.

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