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SimCity 2000
Genre: StrategyYear: 1993
Played: 150
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Play SimCity 2000 online, a classic DOS game. Build and manage your own virtual city, solve challenges, and watch it thrive. Play now on DOS!

Create Your Dream City

Unleash your creativity and build a thriving metropolis from scratch. Design residential, commercial, and industrial zones, construct infrastructure, and shape your city's destiny.

Manage Resources and Finances

Balance your city's budget, manage resources, and ensure the happiness and well-being of your citizens. Make strategic decisions to promote growth and prosperity.

Solve Challenges and Navigate Events

Face various challenges and navigate unexpected events that impact your city. Tackle issues like traffic congestion, crime, pollution, and natural disasters.

Start Playing on DOS Now!

Experience the thrill of building and managing your own city in SimCity 2000. Play online on DOS and unleash your urban planning skills.

Unlock Landmarks and Special Buildings

As your city grows, unlock iconic landmarks and special buildings that make your city unique. Showcase your achievements and create a memorable skyline.


Play SimCity 2000 online, a classic DOS game, and embark on the journey of building and managing your own virtual city. Overcome challenges, shape your city's future, and witness its growth. Play now on DOS!


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