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Wacky Wheels
Genre: SportYear: 1994
Played: 96
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Play Wacky Wheels online, a classic DOS game. Race against adorable animals, utilize power-ups, and compete for victory in this fun and fast-paced racing game. Play now on DOS!

Race Against Adorable Animals

Select your favorite adorable animal character and engage in exciting races against other quirky opponents. Speed, maneuverability, and strategy will determine your success.

Utilize Power-Ups for Advantage

Grab power-ups scattered across the tracks to gain advantages over your competitors. Use speed boosts, projectiles, and other unique abilities to secure your lead.

Compete for Victory

Test your racing skills and compete for the top spot in various challenging tracks. Overcome obstacles, master tight turns, and outmaneuver your opponents to claim victory.

Start Playing on DOS Now!

Experience the thrilling races of Wacky Wheels. Play online on DOS and enjoy the fast-paced and competitive gameplay of this classic DOS racing game.

Unlock Hidden Characters and Tracks

Complete challenges and achieve high rankings to unlock hidden characters and tracks. Expand your racing options and discover new surprises along the way.


Play Wacky Wheels online, a classic DOS game, and race against adorable animals, utilize power-ups, and compete for victory. Enjoy the fun and fast-paced racing action in this nostalgic DOS game. Play now on DOS!

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