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Genre: Arcade (1992)
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Wolfenstein 3D

Play Wolfenstein 3D online, a classic DOS game. Step into the shoes of a World War II hero and battle Nazis in this iconic first-person shooter. Play now on DOS!

Engage in World War II Action

Immerse yourself in the intense and historic setting of World War II. Take on the role of an Allied soldier and infiltrate enemy strongholds to defeat the Nazis.

Battle Nazi Forces

Fight against a formidable array of Nazi soldiers, officers, and even supernatural enemies. Utilize a wide range of weapons and strategies to overcome the opposition.

Explore Challenging Levels

Navigate intricate mazes, secret passages, and hidden rooms. Uncover valuable treasures, uncover intelligence, and find the path to victory in every level.

Start Playing on DOS Now!

Experience the groundbreaking gameplay of Wolfenstein 3D right in your browser. Play online on DOS and relive the thrill of this revolutionary first-person shooter.

Master Your Combat Skills

Refine your aim, reaction time, and tactical prowess. Learn enemy patterns, utilize power-ups, and strategize your way through each challenging mission.


Play Wolfenstein 3D online, a classic DOS game, and step into the shoes of a World War II hero. Battle Nazis, explore challenging levels, and relive the excitement of this iconic first-person shooter. Play now on DOS!

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolfenstein_3D

Wolfenstein 3D Cheat Codes

  • ALPINE - Skip to the next level.
  • GUNSGOD - All weapons, ammo, and keys.
  • IDDQD - God mode (invincibility).
  • IDBEHOLD - Power-up selection: Enter this cheat code followed by a letter to gain a specific power-up. For example, IDBEHOLDA grants temporary invincibility, while IDBEHOLDS reveals the entire map.
  • IDCLEV - Warp to a specific level. Combine this cheat code with a two-digit level number, such as IDCLEV01 for Level 1 or IDCLEV10 for Level 10.

Wolfenstein 3D Keyboard Controls

This is how to play Wolfenstein 3D:

  • Arrow Keys: Move the player forward, backward, left, or right.
  • Ctrl: Fire weapon or use action key.
  • Alt: Hold down to strafe while moving.
  • Spacebar: Open doors or activate objects.
  • Shift: Hold down to run.
  • Esc: Pause or quit the game.

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