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Genre: Action (1992)
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Welcome to Zool, the classic DOS game now available to play online for free. Embark on a fast-paced and colorful platforming adventure as you control the intergalactic ninja, Zool.

How to Play Zool

Zool is a vibrant platforming game where you take on the role of the agile intergalactic ninja. Run, jump, and battle enemies through a series of challenging levels. Explore vibrant worlds, collect power-ups, and overcome obstacles to reach your goal.

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move, the 'A' key to jump, and the 'S' key to attack enemies. Navigate through intricate levels, avoid hazards, and defeat enemies using your ninja skills. Collect power-ups along the way to enhance your abilities and overcome the toughest challenges.

Play Zool Online

Experience the excitement and fast-paced gameplay of Zool directly in your browser. No downloads or installations required. Just click the play button below to start your colorful platforming adventure instantly.

Embrace the Adventure

Zool offers a thrilling and colorful platforming experience. Embrace the role of the intergalactic ninja, navigate through vibrant worlds, battle enemies, and overcome challenging obstacles as you strive to complete your mission.

Rediscover a Gaming Classic

If you have fond memories of playing DOS games, Zool will transport you back to the era of exciting platformers. Relive the excitement of Zool's adventures and immerse yourself in the vibrant and challenging world of this beloved game.

Start Playing Zool Now

Click the play button above and dive into the world of Zool. Play Zool online for free and challenge yourself to master the platforming challenges, defeat enemies, and become the ultimate intergalactic ninja.

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zool_2

Zool Cheat Codes

Unfortunately, no cheat codes have been discovered for Zool.

Zool Keyboard Controls

This is how to play Zool:

  • Arrow keys - Move Zool.
  • Ctrl - Jump.
  • Spacebar - Attack or use power-ups.
  • Shift - Run (while moving).
  • Esc - Pause the game or quit to the menu.

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